Benefits of Basil Seeds in Summer

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Everybody cares about their health and what’s better than a natural alternative to all your everyday health problems. Basil seeds or sabja seeds have long been known for their beneficiary qualities and are native plants of India. They are high in nutrients like protein, fats, carbs, and fiber.

Basil seeds are also known as tukmaria and have a very low or zero-calorie count. They are quite hard from the outside and resemble chia seeds which are mostly used for weight loss. As basil seeds are tough they need to be soaked for about 15 minutes to be considered edible.

Basil seeds come from a plant named Ocimum basilicum also called sweet basil. But this should not be confused with Holy basil or Tulsi. They are teardrop-shaped seeds rich in antioxidants.

Benefits of Basil Seeds in Summer

Basil seeds for a long time have been used in Indian and Chinese medicine. Indian Ayurvedic medicine is extensively used to reduce or control the Vata or Pitta Dosha. In the modern world, these seeds are used in summer for the following reasons-

1. Natural Detox

They are a great detox ingredient for the summers because they contain oils and nutrients that detoxify our bodies. They help relieve bowel movement problems and also contain essential oils that help reduce bloating by passing gas and keeping the intestines clean.

2. Reduces Heartburn and Acidity

Summer seasons are associated with heartburn and acidity because the scorching heat increases the number of acids in our body. This is the main reason why heartburns are a common thing in summers. Basil seeds work best during these situations as they counteract the excess HCL in the body and reduce its acidic effect. Soaking the seeds in water before consuming them gives better results in reducing heartburn and acidity.

3. Skin Problems- Eczema

Summer seasons sometimes cause skin burns and eczema flare-ups which are often triggered by the heat. They can work wonders in this situation because they help relieve the affected area due to this natural cooling mechanism. It also helps in treating psoriasis where
the skin swells and forms dry patches.

4. Controls Blood Sugar Level

During summer seasons our body’s metabolism rapidly increases which can lead to low blood sugar levels. This problem is tackled by basil seeds as they slow down our body metabolism thus keeping the blood sugar levels normal. It is also used by many diabetes patients to keep their blood sugar levels in control.

5. Dry Cough in Summers

Summer seasons also lead to dry coughs which are mostly caused to allergens like dust mites which get trapped in our throats. This problem can be solved by basil seeds as they contain antispasmodic properties which help relieve the neck muscles. It also helps to boost our immunity.


Basil seeds are filled with nutrients. They are a power pack ingredient to combat your summer problems. You can first check-up with your nearby doctor if you have any allergies to basil seeds. This will help you avoid any further health issues.

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