Benefits of Poppy Seeds

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Poppy seeds are oilseeds obtained from poppy plants. Poppy seeds are tiny, kidney-shaped seeds that can be used in cooking or used to make poppy seed oil. Although they might be white or deep blue, the most common color is black. The scientific name for poppy seeds is Papaver somniferum, and they are grown and sold commercially in several nations, particularly in Central Europe. They are used as an ingredient in several cuisines (both whole and ground forms). Additionally, they are pressed to obtain poppy seed oil. The most important health benefits of poppy seeds include the ability to treat mouth ulcers, sleeplessness, and improve digestion. The seeds can even significantly improve female fertility and help prevent cancer.

Here are the benefits of poppy seeds that are considered to be very essential.

Promotes Mental Health

Small levels of opium alkaloids, which have some beneficial effects on the human body, are present in dry poppy seeds. It acts as a painkiller and soothes nervous irritability. Poppyseed drink also reduces levels of cortisol in the body and helps in stress reduction.

Boost Bone Strength

Copper and calcium are abundant in poppy seeds. While the latter builds bones and connective tissue, the former enhances bone health. Another mineral the seeds are rich in is phosphorus, which together with calcium makes up a part of bone tissue, Additionally, the manganese in the seeds helps in the production of collagen, a protein that shields your bones from severe harm.

Improves Heart Health

Dietary fiber, which is abundant in poppy seeds, aids in lowering cholesterol levels and eventually improves heart health. Omega-6 fatty acids, which are found in poppy seeds, may be beneficial for the heart. The seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are well-known throughout the world for their beneficial effects on health. And one of them is protecting the heart against illness. Omega-3s must be received from outside sources because they are not produced by the body. Eating poppy seeds is one such excellent source.

Helps Reduce inflammation and eczema

Because they contain a lot of linoleic acids, poppy seeds are good for curing eczema. After soaking in milk or water, poppy seeds can be crushed with lime juice to create a smooth paste. This paste can be externally applied to the skin to cure burns and itching. Additionally, it effectively reduces discomfort brought on by skin irritation.

Boost Your Immune System

A stronger immune system may result from the zinc in poppy seeds. The seeds also help the body produce more immune cells. Additionally, the iron in the seeds supports this aspect. The zinc in the seeds also protects against diseases in the lower respiratory system.

Improves Thyroid Function

One mineral that the thyroid gland needs for optimal functioning are zinc. Due to their high zinc content, poppy seeds can play a crucial role in this aspect. Iodine deficiency, which is the root cause of thyroid dysfunction, has also been treated using iodinated poppy seed oil in several parts of the world.

Moisturizes Skin

You can have smooth, silky skin by applying a poppy seed paste that works well as a moisturizer. All you have to do is put some poppy seeds and milk in a food processor. You can also add some honey if you have dry skin. Apply it all over your face after grinding it into a smooth paste. After ten minutes of relaxation, wash off. Your skin will receive the required moisture if you do this once a week.

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Around the world, poppy seeds are used in numerous recipes. If eaten regularly, these seeds provide a number of health advantages.








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